Pest Control Rushcutters Bay

As a Rushcutters Bay home or business owner, you know how important it is to keep your premises clean, hygienic and free from pests. For fast and effective pest control, Rushcutters Bay residents should contact PestChaser. We provide the whole Sydney area with a fast, reliable service to rid your property of all kinds of pests.

The sad fact is that our houses, offices, shops, restaurants or hotels can become home to an array of pests ranging from ants to bedbugs to cockroaches to fleas and wasps and many more. These unwanted guests can cause serious health problems and damage your property so you have to deal with them as quickly as possible.

Here’s how we at PestChaser carry out pest control Rushcutters Bay

Thorough Inspection

Firstly, we inspect your premises to locate any pest problems. By identifying the particular critters infesting your premises, we can deal with them effectively. Before getting to work, we let you know exactly we’re going to do. This allows you to take any precautions such as removing pets from the premises.

Professional Services

If we find any sign of infestation or hazard, we set to work to eliminate the problem. Depending on the types of pest we find, we’ll spray the skirting boards, dust the roof void and under the house, and spray external areas such as fences, outhouses and garages. In case of the German cockroach, we use gel bait. In short, we make sure your whole property is professionally treated, both inside and out as needed.

Clear Reports

It’s out policy to keep everything clear and above board so once the job is completed we’ll provide you with a detailed written report covering everything we’ve done. This will be your record of the work carried out by us.

PestChaser has extensive experience in dealing with pests of all kinds through the Sydney area. We arrange our visits to suit your schedule, and ensure maximum safety for your children and pets. We guarantee a safe and efficient job to make your home and business safer and more liveable.

When you’re in need of the finest pest control Rushcutters Bay has to offer, call PestChaser, Sydney’s best pest control service.